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Make $100k/Month Running communities without any audience- Unique Business Idea

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🧠 Concept

Dean Bokhari makes $100k/Month from his community and you can do the same without any audience

Let me explain.

πŸ—ΊοΈ The concept

Creating communities for companies and influencers

πŸ€” Why

1. Communities are on a huge rise right now

2. Create way to build brand affinity

3. Create way for monetization

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πŸ† Opportunity #1

Creating a community is a completely new skill that not many people know how to do

⚑ Create a service that set ups communities

1. Set up community website

2. Set up emails

3. Set Up communities tabs, FAQ

4. Set up Outreach to join community

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πŸ† Opportunity #2

Managing community is also a lot of work and requires unique skills

⚑Create a community management service

1. Charge monthly fee management

2. Different offers (running Q&As, accountability, challenges)Β 

3. Fee for driving traffic to community

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πŸš€ Approach

⚑ Option 1

Find companies and influencers and charge them a fee

⚑ Option 2 

Find influencer/company and do revenue split with them

Easier to convert as there is no risk for the influencer

You can leverage their massive following and share profits with them

If someone has 1 million followers you could have a paid community of 10, 000 people

10 000 x $10 = $100k a month (50% of that for you)

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πŸ’° Making Money

Option 1

Leverage platforms such Buddyboss

You can purchase 10 websites at $388 plan and charge $100 from clients

That’s $600 passive income from just this

Option 2

1. Set Up Fee

2. Management fee

3. You can even do revenue splitΒ 

Option 3

Create digital products

1. Operating Practices for running challenges

2. Operating Practices for running accountability groups

3. Email templates

Option 4

1. Charge premium fee for a paid community

2. Sell one of events

3. Sell one of digital products

share profits with the infleuncer

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πŸ› οΈ How to do it

Use softwares like budyboss, Tribe, Circle

If you need use wordpress hosting for a few dollars

Get virtual assistant from onlinejobsPH or Upwork to do the basic management for you

πŸ–₯️ Tools Mentioned:


🧰 Google Trends

🧰 Answer The Public


🧰 Bluehost

🧰 Hostinger

🧰 Mailerlite

🧰 Getresponse

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